Vinh Hy Bay, Central Vietnam's Hidden Pearl

Vinh Hy, home of crystal-clear sea and pristine mountains, is one of the most unique and diverse destinations in Vietnam. Along with convenient air and railway connections, the village is not a typical seaside destination, it is a harmonious blend of culture and biodiversity. Indeed, separated from the world by its very own bay and deep jungles, the town has a special character. Although unknown, this hidden pearl of Central Vietnam, has all the ingredients for authentic tours filled with imperishable memories.

Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism takes travelers to the heart of these two different worlds, their distinct traditions and thriving nature.

Two Worlds - One Destination

Marine World

In the heart of Ninh Thuan, Vinh Hy is a small fisherman village living in harmony with the sea. In addition to having sublime crystal-clear waters, the bay is also home to extremely scenic coastal landscapes. Furthermore, the area’s coral reefs are among the most diverse in Vietnam, providing outstanding exploring opportunities. Ultimately, with tours by speedboat to its hidden parts, by traditional basket boat to its beach or simply from the pier with a fresh plate of seafood, Vinh Hy’s Marine World captivates the lovers of sea, sun and enchanting sceneries.

Jungle Mountain World

Only steps away from the sea lays a long forgotten world, the Nui Chua National Park. Particularly diverse from 1500 species of trees and plants, the national park immerse travelers in a fascinating and pristine nature. Along with incredible biodiversity, the mountain is home to the Raglai ethnic minority and their picturesque Cau Gay hamlet. In brief, with light strolls in the hamlet, tours to local farms in the nearby jungle or even day long treks, Vinh Hy’s Mountain World has plenty to offer for all lovers of nature and cultural discoveries.
Nui Chua Experience

Night in the Jungle

Escape reality and the troubles of daily life with this moderate trek to our basecamp in the heart of Nui Chua National park. Experience a night in the middle of pristine jungle, refuel your mind and disconnect from the real world in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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