Together Towards Sustainable Development

Responsible Tourism Practices

In tourism, sustainability is a necessity, not a luxury. Therefore, our business model is based on sustainable development, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and our community. Furthermore, we are committed to transmit our philosophy to our entire chain of supply, partners and local community. With modern ideas, innovation and positive energy, we will make of Vinh Hy a leading destination in Vietnam sustainable tourism.

Biodiversity Nui Chua National Park

Located in the heart of Nui Chua National Park, Vinh Hy has a pristine natural environment. Indeed, with over 1500 endemic species of trees and plants, the national park is among the most biodiverse places in Vietnam. Along with a wide system of streams, keeping the jungle green and fresh, the mountain is as peaceful as mysterious. Furthermore, the park also covers the sea, its crystal-clear waters and 350 species of coral full of vibrant marine life. This incredible biodiversity granted the park the “Biosphere Reserve” recognition by UNESCO.


In order to guarantee minimal ecological footprint on our tours, Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism is working with the national park management. It is by preserving the biodiversity of our destination that we will help it flourish for future generations.

Community based tourism

Although being a charming fisherman village, Vinh Hy is stricken by lack of job opportunities. At Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism we create new opportunities for the local community in seek of personal development. On top of which we prioritize the respect and preservation of local culture and traditions amid development. Our community is the heart of our destination and we pledge to protect it from abuse brought by tourism, especially its children.


Along with generating new jobs for the locals, our activity helps the whole community with a fair distribution of earnings. Our sustainable practices and philosophy will make our community thrive while providing authentic experiences for travelers.

Our Sustainability Partners