Sustainability Policy

Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism Sustainability Policy

The principles of our sustainable philosophy:

  •  Clear Sustainability Policy shared with all collaborators
  •  Minimal negative impact on our community and environment
  • Carefully select the services and suppliers we use, in accordance with our policy
  • Consider the sustainability aspect in every business and tour production decisions
  • Follow all the requirements set up by local authorities in Vietnam and Ninh Thuan Province
  • Always stay innovative and active to keep improving our sustainable practices

Implementation of our sustainable philosophy:

Environmental Protection :

  • We limit business trips to the strict minimum and always favor the most sustainable mean of transportation
  • We comply with all the preservation rules of the Nui Chua National Park management board
  • We use vehicles adapted to the group size on all our transfers, limiting the ecological impact
  • We only using electric cars for all transfers within our destination destination
  • We implement our recycling philosophy in both office and tours to limit our waste production
  • We limit single use plastics to the bare minimum in all our company activities and refillable water bottles are given to all our staff members
  • We limit the amount of paper handouts given out to customers
  • We make sure that the Five Animal Freedoms are respected among our supplier
  • We aim to minimize our ecological footprint with tree planting projects and environmental education
  • We regularly organise Clean-Up activities both locally and in collaboration with outside organisations

Local community and chain of supply:

  • We select carefully our suppliers to be environmental and local community friendly
  • We have clear written contracts with sustainability clauses with all local services
  • We make sure that our sustainability policy is understood by each of our staff  member with regular training and environmental awareness
  • We create a good working environment for our staff throughout incentives and special celebrations
  • Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism condems the exploitation of workers and children in anyway, including human trafficking and sex tourism. All our activity is in respect of human rights.
  • We take in consideration the preservation of customs and traditions while developing our activity
  • We do not propose school visits as they can do more damage than good on the long term
  • Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism tour-guides have the responsibility to make sure that our sustainability policy is respected on the ground
  • We regularly welcome interns from foreign schools to boost cultural exchange within our community while giving the interns experience in the tourism industry
  • Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism has a strict no discrimination policy that has been transferred to our entire staff and suppliers
  • We are transmitting our no littering policy to our whole community with constant communication on the matter

Local Economy:

  • We are creating new services, developing a long-term source of income for locals
  • We use locally owned services for a better development of our local economy
  • We pay fair wages to our staff in accordance with the standards of living
  • We train local tour-guides to offer them new work opportunities and build up their knowledge
  • Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism has a strong position against corruption
  • We actively participate and endorse community projects within our destination
  • Fair distribution of earnings is at the core of philosophy. All our business decisions take in consideration the impact it would have on the local economy
  • Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism offers micro-loans to trustables members of the community for tourism related projects
  • We hand out locally manufactured recycled products to our customers and encourage new product ideas by helping with the sales. The goal being to create additional source of income to our community while preserving the environment
  • We propose only local food to boost local agriculture, aquaculture and fishing.
  • We work with as many local suppliers as possible to empower our local community

Tours and customer communication:

  • We place trashcans in all services and places used during our tours to avoid littering. Vinh Hy BlueSkies Tourism has a strict no littering policy applied to all its customers and staff
  • We make sure that all our customers  follow all the preservation rules of the Nui Chua National Park management board
  • We do not hand out single use plastic items during our tours
  • We offer a locally manufactured recycled fishing net tote bag to all our overnight customers, avoid the use of plastic bags
  • We propose a refillable water bottle option in the pricing of our tours
  • We highlight our most sustainable tours in our communication
  • We give clear guidelines and code of conduct to our customers
  • We stay alert of all flaw in our sustainable practices with including a sustainability section in our customer feedback forms
  • Vinh Hy BlueSkies tourism takes in consideration all sustainability risks during product development
  • We give clear information to our customer to make sure that they behave in accordance to the local customs and in respect of the environment
  • We publish key sustainability results on our website every two years